We are looking for talented artist! SUBMIT YOUR ART WORK TO SELL AND PROMOTE!

Question: What do I get for a $50.00 Donation?

*Promote yourself and your business

*Add Permently to TattooArtBestOnlyBlog.com (#1 Tattoo Web Site)

* If requested will add to Graphic Design Artistry blog ( GraphicDesignArtistry.com)

*Opportunity to sell there art work, photography, apparel (all custom apparel welcomed), ect. on GraphicDesignArtistry.com

*Prices – I will sell for any asking price from the artist. Our company will just add 30% to your asking price. ( Flat Fee for all items)

*All art work posted, listed for selling and promoting must be approved by our company first.

*CONTACT: designer@graphicdesignartistry.com




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